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The CARDboard / WBB: Alyssa Jerome
« Last post by 81alum on Today at 08:00:36 pm »
An article on incoming frosh Alyssa Jerome, who is getting some very valuable experience this summer, akin to what Alanna did before her arrival:

If nothing else, playing against college and professional players will build her strength.
Developing strength has been a major focus for Jerome and she felt her progress showed in practice and games with the senior team. She didn’t get pushed around and was able to box out professional players.

I wonder if we will get a peak at her during the FIBA U19 July 22-30 or the FIBA America's Cup in August?  She is one of two high school kids to make the Canadian national team.

The CARDboard / Re: Will Kelly be Coaching ND Football in 2018?
« Last post by Snorlax94 on Today at 06:30:21 pm »
Agree with what farm93 said about a good fit being someplace that would look exciting to the talent he'd want to recruit, which is why I think a Chip Kelly/UCLA combo would be scary.

Those SoCal schools have that Hollywood glamour to some kids.

I don't know if they could afford hin.

I hated when Stanford played against him. I'd like to see him go to the SEC and cause trouble there.
The CARDboard / RIP Sandy Tatum
« Last post by jhftb on Today at 05:01:15 pm »

Mr. Tatum, whose deep voice, sharp intellect and abiding passion for the game were well known across golf circles, was an accomplished player at Stanford. He won the NCAA individual championship in 1942 — an honor only Cardinal golfers Tiger Woods (1996) and Cameron Wilson (2014) also have accomplished — and helped the school take the team title in 1941 and ’42.
The CARDboard / Re: Kyle Peterson CWS
« Last post by Mick on Today at 04:24:49 pm »
I've been re-watching Burns' baseball series lately. I have become convinced that all athletes play in some kind of servitude. With due respect to the Selective Service System during crises I think drafts are un-American in our capitalist society. Kids are not barred from attending their favorite college if qualified and they shouldn't be forced to play for a crappy organization like the Marlins or the Niners. Maybe confusion would reign at the highest levels but freedom should out.

BTW, a number of ex-teammates who never got beyond AA or AAA are happy that they did get a chance to play for pay.

You're talking about people who (generally) make a lot of money to play a child's game and get to stay in shape and travel while they do so.  Absent a few notable exceptions, these aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer, and they play a kid's game so they don't have to sit behind  a desk.  So the people who own their clubs or run their sports have all the power.

And the few who do realize they're screwed as players?  Some of them become owners, like Charles Comiskey.  Comiskey reminded me of the old Russian joke:  What's the difference between American slaves and Russian slaves?  American slaves want freedom and Russian slaves want to be slaveowners.  That was Comiskey, a slaveowner.  Horrible man, underpaid all of his players.
The CARDboard / Re: Will Kelly be Coaching ND Football in 2018?
« Last post by fullmetal on Today at 04:15:47 pm »
UCB can't afford any kind of payday give the dire straits in which the AD budget is trapped.
The CARDboard / Re: Will Kelly be Coaching ND Football in 2018?
« Last post by Farm93 on Today at 03:32:09 pm »
I don't think the players on any current roster would be a big factor for C. Kelly.   He likely would want to go to a university that would look exciting to the type of talent he needs for his system to work.  He would also need a university that loves football and is ready to worship a head coach.  He would want a university eager and ready to host College Game Day.  And he would need a university ready, willing and able to pay $4+ million per year.

That doesn't describe UCB, but a few other schools on that list probably would be viable.

UCB will not be winning a coach recruiting battle any time soon as most of the Power 5 schools would be able to outbid UCB.  Most schools would also win on cost of living and outside endorsement opportunities too.    Some things are cyclical in sports, but right now UCB has a lot going against it if you are a coach looking for a big payday over the next 2-5 years.
The CARDboard / Re: Will Kelly be Coaching ND Football in 2018?
« Last post by OutsiderFan on Today at 12:36:11 pm »
UC needs a roster upgrade to compete. How many players could start at SU? Maybe Downs at LB and the gigantic fullback.

Pretty sure Demetris Robertson would start at Stanford.
The CARDboard / Re: WVB: Hayley Hodson medical retirement
« Last post by Boston Card on Today at 12:26:40 pm »
A while ago I spoke to a Stanford parent of a player (different team) whose son lost a year to injury.  The kid (now graduated) was a team leader but felt many of the same feelings of isolation, depression, etc. that Hodson felt, though not to the same degree.  It was a mixture of guilt at feeling like he let his team down, frustration at the slow progress of his healing, isolation that he couldn't participate in many team activities and that his fellow teammates struggled at the right way to correspond to an injured player, sadness that he wasn't with the team to witness its accomplishments.  Simply put, even under the best of circumstances, it is very difficult for an elite athlete, for whom the sport is a large part of their identity, to be injured for a prolonged period of time.

The good news is that this player did recover and got a redshirt year, did not get hurt again, and went on to be a star.  But of course, it doesn't happen for all.

The CARDboard / Re: Stanford to allow "support animals" to live in the dorms
« Last post by JJJ on Today at 12:07:50 pm »
The designated locations will be in West Lag...

Seems like the most efficient resolution all around. And if they're all singles or two-room doubles, no risk of having your roommate be a dog - literally! ;)

As noted elsewhere, the tricky part comes both in the timing of the announcement, and the fact that Lag Dining is also seen as one of the most accommodating for students with food restrictions (e.g. severe peanut allergies--they get a separate room to store food). So if a second-year student with allergies had signed up for West Lag before knowing about these support animals, it could be problematic. I have no idea what the absolute numbers are, so entirely possible they knew they could deal with it.
The CARDboard / Re: Will Kelly be Coaching ND Football in 2018?
« Last post by Phogge on Today at 12:06:31 pm »
UC needs a roster upgrade to compete. How many players could start at SU? Maybe Downs at LB and the gigantic fullback.
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