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Full Version: WBB: Women's Basketball Updated Recruiting 2019-2023, April 4
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I’ll add this to recruiting. Carrington has just posted on Instagram guess where I’m transferring to
This retweet also doesn't seem encouraging:

Onto von Oelhoffen now. I’m assuming the staff will go all out for her. The fact the she is a west coaster and has already visited Stanford bodes well. 

Oregon State concerns me a little bit here, but I still think we’re the favorite.
(04-27-2020, 07:13 AM)2006alum Wrote: [ -> ]This retweet also doesn't seem encouraging:

I could re-ask Bob which player on the Stanford roster has a personality most diametrically opposed to Tara's . . . but he'll remain diplomatic, I'm sure.  Besides, the Tweet pretty much confirms what I (and I bet many here) suspected.  Somewhere, somehow, that relationship got off the rails.  I'm not saying who is in the right or wrong here (if anyone), nor is particularly important at this juncture.

It just sucks for the fans (like me) who wanted to see Carrington help this team back to a title next year.
Well Ros certainly extremely outgoing.

My one on ones with Tara have been few but all one one off campus. I found her friendly and outgoing. However a poster here had numerous interviews with Tara so ....

When we had the tents in a private setting Kissick or what is now the Hall of Fame I always found her very outgoing and funny.
I am hopeful but not super optimistic that Carrington comes back.  If she doesn't then the silver lining is that it's more playing time for the Hulls and Wilson as well as a good development opportunity for Jump and Emma-Nnopu.  And while I think we will be good next year, I am not sure that we will be one-of-the-favorites-to-win good like we were when the Ogwumikes were here.  I think we will hit that level when Jones/Belibi/Prechtel/Jump are juniors and seniors.
Reading the tea leaves on Twitter is perilous. Di could have meant her reply as a positive about her Stanford coaches rather than a negative, could have been thinking about her high school or AAU coaches, etc.
Carrington’s mom was her HS coach :)
(04-28-2020, 06:35 PM)BobK Wrote: [ -> ]Carrington’s mom was her HS coach :)
Hopefully she knew her very well!
(04-28-2020, 06:28 PM)CompSci87 Wrote: [ -> ]Reading the tea leaves on Twitter is perilous. Di could have meant her reply as a positive about her Stanford coaches rather than a negative, could have been thinking about her high school or AAU coaches, etc.
I agree with you CompSci.  For example, Carrington was also retweeting and praising Anna Wilson's news about coming back.  If we wanted to read tea-leaves that might be considered a positive sign for Carrington coming back too.

That said, none of us really knows very much about Carrington's physical condition.  We want her to come back and play the way she did early and midway through her junior year.  But she was wearing out by the end of her junior year and was clearly not herself at the beginning of senior year.  So while I really want her to come back, and while the scholarship situation now will permit that, there are no guarantees that she will be the same player.  We just don't know if she ever completely recovered from whatever was ailing her.
(04-28-2020, 07:01 PM)CompSci87 Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-28-2020, 06:35 PM)BobK Wrote: [ -> ]Carrington’s mom was her HS coach :)
Hopefully she knew her very well!

Carrington has announced her final three: Oregon, Baylor, UConn. I guess she's having fun being recruited again.
Akunwafo committed to USC. 

Our list just gets smaller. At least it’s not cal
My guess is we are heading towards a 4 person class in 2021.  Demetre and ???  I'm thinking Von Oelhoffen and Iriafen have offers and are either waiting for testing to happen again so that they can get a score or just waiting to make a decision.  And probably Harriel is waiting in the wings for those two and Fudd to make a decision.

Four scholarships in 2022 isn't a bad thing.  Maybe Rice and Gardiner will commit early.  And we want to stay in the race for Betts.  And we need a point guard and shooter and Londynn Jones would be great in both of those roles.

And it seems like recruiting is becoming more regional again.  Our 2019 class was very West Coast (2 California and 2 Colorado), our 2020 class was similar (1 Oregon, 1 Colorado and 1 Australia).  And 2021 could end up being 3 California and 1 Washington.  Hopefully, we will get the top West Coast players in 2022 (Betts, Gardiner and Jones) to stay out west too.
Agreed this is getting a bit concerning when our 2021 list keeps narrowing. Trying to remember that it's likely that no news is good (or better) news, that those who haven't committed still considering us and likely somewhere in the process and hopeful it leads them to Stanford. Also, most of those on our list who committed elsewhere were out of our geography so let's hope that the geography glue helps us with the remaining ones. I am very skeptical on Fudd but would love to be proven wrong.
I really hope Von Oelhoffen chooses us.  Her game reminds me of Kelsey Plum and Sabrina Ionescu.  Big, strong guard who penetrates and uses her strength and crafty moves to either score or pass to an open teammate.  Both Plum and Ionsecu used to create space for themselves by pushing off with their off hand.  They did it constantly but it was hardly ever called.  If that is the way the game is going to be reffed then let's have a big strong crafty guard pushing off for our team.
FWIW, there is no evidence Akunwafo was ever offered by Stanford; in addition to U$C, her list of known offers included Duke, Michigan, UCLA, and Miss. St. Maybe BobK or others in the know can correct this impression if they know more?

More generally, I think we need take a step back and put our recent history into perspective: prior to 2020 #3 recruit Cameron Brink's commitment (which, oddly enough, predated Haley Jones's), the last top 5 recruit we inked was #1 2010 recruit Chiney Ogwumike in 2009. So in the intervening 12 years, we had zero top 5 recruits, and one consensus top ten recruit (Kiana Williams). 

Since Brink's commitment in October 2018, we had 2019 #1 recruit Haley Jones commit a few weeks later in November 2018, and then 2021 #4 recruit Brooke Demetre commit in June 2019. That's three top 5 recruits in less than a year.

Yes, we obviously want as many top recruits as we can get. But remember, top recruits come expecting significant playing time, want to start early in their college careers, and are ultimately looking to go pro, so the 40-year decision is slightly less important. And no team, even Stanford, can manage a bench of 15 D1 starters and keep them all happy with playing time. 

And in addition to those three, over the next 2-3 years we can expect starter-level contributions from Lexie, Prechtel, Belibi, and van Gytenbeek, if not others who step up.

So I think we are probably at close to a high water mark in terms of top recruits, and I honestly don't think we could sustain many more top players and keep everyone's playing time expectations satisfied. Top 30-70 role players like Harriel and Jump, for whom Stanford was their dream school and who have ambitions beyond basketball, are just as important for us, because Tara wants to fill all her scholarship slots, and it's just not sustainable to do that with exclusively top recruits.
No question recruiting has been Outstanding. Rather amazing

Question when’s the last time you heard about an offer. Football MBB yes other sports almost never. We hear about commits and I posted many in another tread.

Your reference is 2020 offers only did you notice?

So did Clarice have an offer ? I don’t know. But then I seldom know. Football players like the one yesterday take to instragram with their offer. But Stanford WBB recruits ?

Clarice visited Stanford and of all things sat in the VIP section. That was a first for me to see.

Hint if I had learned a month or so ago what I learned a couple of days ago I would have taken her off the list. No I don’t know why and keep in mind there could be several reasons

I strongly believe Miles abd Citron had offers and a stronger belief Talia and a Kiki have Offers.

It’s admissions season with apps out and don’t doubt we have a silent commit or 2
Just wish we had more verbals.
thx for all the insights and yes, I appreciate that we've been far more successful in recruiting the past several years. Good job done by all - guess I'm just being a little greedy...and look forward to hearing more 2021 commitments. These are challenging times, and at least speaking for myself I'm probably paying more attention to this than would otherwise be the case!
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