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Full Version: If anyone here is going to the practice today...
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Here are things to watch for:

- NT vs. the backup Centers. If Williams and DWP don't clearly have the edge, be worried.

- Sean Barton. He seems to be back from injury and starting next to Okereke at ILB. Does he have the burst he had pre-injury?

- Thomas Booker. He is my most likely to play True Frosh, and Anderson has said he is showing some good things so far.

- All guys who get reps at LG. Fanaika is expected back soon and seems the preferred starter, but there is a battle there for #2

- Osiris St. Brown vs. Donald Stewart for the 3rd WR position (assuming JJAW and Irwin are 1 & 2, and Wedington is a slot)

- Curtis Robinson.  It's now or never for him. Can he hold off Toohill for starting OLB opposite Alfieri?
Keep four season tickets for 4 sports but no far away to go today.  But friends will be there 
Not sure Barton will scrimmage 
Certainly don’t believe it’s now or never for Robinson 
Great post on what to watch hearing great things about St Brown 
Watch for Mills.
Unclear to me how many players named in Outsider's post are available to play:

Quote: Several players not dressed for practice included Dalyn Wade-Perry, Curtis Robinson and Osiris St. Brown.

That's from a free Rivals story after Thursday practice:

Very interested in how the center position looks, especially in pass protection. The way I look at it, "sacks" from defenders breaking through the middle of the line would be pretty worrisome.
Pressure from the inside is a killer.  I’m hoping Jesse is back soon.
Tom FitzGerald from the SF Chronicle was there. Here's his report:

Quote:Nevertheless, the defense generally had the upper hand during the first of two open practices in training camp (the second one is next Sunday at 3 p.m.).

The only touchdown came on a fine throw by redshirt freshman quarterback Davis Mills to wide receiver J.J. Arcega-Whiteside. Mills hit Arcega-Whiteside 25 yards down field, between two defenders. Arcega-Whiteside bolted away for a 70-yard touchdown.
From friends 
Sarell amstarted at LG and Dalman at Center. On twitter is a photo of Drew’s sister and dad 

Barton did play 
Maizen looked awesome. 

For outsider one friend really loved Booker

Oh Tom.  KJ to JJ for 6
(08-12-2018, 07:04 PM)BobK Wrote: [ -> ]Maizen looked awesome.

Ricky Miezan, Stanford's lacrosse-playing true frosh ILB?
(08-12-2018, 10:24 PM)Spiny_Norman Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-12-2018, 07:04 PM)BobK Wrote: [ -> ]Maizen looked awesome.

Ricky Miezan, Stanford's lacrosse-playing true frosh ILB?

Could also have been Austin Maihen, backup OG who isn't on the roster anymore.

(Yes, Miezan the true frosh ILB was a missile. Hoping he blossoms into a great LB - he already has the physical tools for the part.)
Quote:Oh Tom.  KJ to JJ for 6

The San Francisco Chronicle has corrected FitzGerald's report to credit KJ with the TD pass.
I was just helping Tom lol