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Full Version: Stanford Baseball
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School thus practice starts in just over two weeks so I looked at the Web Site and noticed the new volunteer coach is listed as an assistant

Yes the ncaa will decide again Next month on 3rd paid assistants for both baseball and softball. It’s been 20 or more years since they did away with the 3rd paid assistant for baseball. Hope it passes this time

Also the roster has been updated for those returning and as a wise poster told me awhile back Bellafronto is back.
Has the baseball schedule for 2020 been released?

We are new cardinal baseball fans/supporters since our son will be a grad school transfer next year. He graduated from Rice where he played the last four years and had been one of the weekend starters. Hoping to come to as many weekends series as we can.
Probably the schedule will be out in November
(09-08-2019, 09:58 AM)BobK Wrote: [ -> ]Probably the schedule will be out in November

Thanks, BobK

Does anyone have any preliminary ( unofficial) schedule info on either Fall scrimmage dates or any planned non-conference series for Spring. I know we play in the Dell Diamond Tournament in Austin ob Feb 20-22 (vs, Texas Tech, Tennessee, and Houston).

Thanks for any help.