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Full Version: Local news compilation about COVID-19 outbreaks
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Here's a tweet thread that compiles local COVID-19 outbreak stories across the country:

Another nice piece from Ed Yong on Univ. of Nebraska Med Ctr in Omaha, a center that was prepped for pandemics after SARS outbreak in 2003.

Quote:In the past two weeks, the hospital had to convert an entire building into a COVID-19 tower, from the top down. It now has 10 COVID-19 units, each taking up an entire hospital floor. Three of the units provide intensive care to the very sickest people, several of whom die every day. One unit solely provides “comfort care” to COVID-19 patients who are certain to die. “We’ve never had to do anything like this,” Angela Hewlett, the infectious-disease specialist who directs the hospital’s COVID-19 team, told me. “We are on an absolutely catastrophic path.”