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Full Version: WBB: STAN 62 AZ 48 (Clinched Pac-12 Championship)
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Last year Arizona, behind Aari McDonald, beat us in a squeaker.  On January 1 this year we defeated them handily 81-54 in one of our best games against good competition this year.  Our thread for that game is here:

That game was during a Williams slump, but Jones, Lexie, Brink and Belibi were all in double digits, Wilson was 3/4 from long range and we were 8/18 from distance.  It was a surprisingly lopsided win, considering how highly ranked Arizona has been.  We managed to control McDonald (Wilson did) to just 12 points on 3/18 shooting.  If Wilson does that again I think she should be a cinch for defensive player of the season.  Sam Thomas, however, had a good game and led them with 14.

Since Jan 1 much has changed--Williams has gotten hot and Brink has blossomed on our end.  Arizona has had a lot of games cancelled, which has let them get out of playing UCLA a second time (they won the first meeting narrowly in December.)  In the games they have played, they are 8-1 since that last meeting.  The one loss was to WSU, but they beat Oregon twice (once by 20).    Against Cal on Friday, Cal took the lead against them early in the 4th quarter, but Arizona pulled ahead for the victory--so it was certainly not a blowout.  McDonald had 28 points.

What I notice looking over their stats is that they are much better balanced than in the past, and they have a lot of capable three point shooters, including their post Cate Reese.  Spreading the floor with three point bombing while McDonald has driving lanes to take it inside--that is a challenge to defend.

Arizona is going to be highly motivated and very well prepared after their last debacle.  Massey has them at 9, AP at 10, Coaches at 7.
Thank you for the great preview! Hope Stanford takes care of business tomorrow.
ESPN is really promoting this game on their WBB game broadcasts today -- big time focus and gushing over the Stanford offense, showing clips of the 1st again against Ariz.
This one is at home in Maples.  Our gals are dialed in on their home court.  Look for Williams and Jump to hit several 3s and Brink to score in the paint and keep Reece under control.  If Jones can play clean and Wilson can hold McD to pedestrian numbers, we should take the W.  We have such a deep and talented team, you never know who is going to get hot but you surely know that someone will.  Even Jerome had a 14 point game recently.
Here's an article about Lexie and Lacie from a new WBB site I didn't know about before.
Good article, CS. Thanks.
(02-21-2021, 11:50 PM)CompSci87 Wrote: [ -> ]Here's an article about Lexie and Lacie from a new WBB site I didn't know about before.

Nice, thanks.  Links at the bottom of the article show that the "family" series also includes the Samuelsons, Erica McCall and her sister DeWanna Bonner, Jeanette Pohlen-Mavunga and her sister-in-law Stephanie, the Ogwumikes, and of course the Vanderveers.
Box Score from prior game with Arizona on January 1st.
AP Rankings Just released:  Stanford #4

NET Rankings thru Sunday: Stanford #2

NET Rankings:  Nitty Gritty:
Today's list of grievances:

1) If we stupidly lose this game, first place in the conference is awarded to Arizona

2) Pac-12 (which claims to be founded in 2015) has no stats going back prior to 2011

3) Are you really Player of the Year if you can't lead your team to a winning record?
Oregon at #7 strikes me as misplaced.


Also, shouldn't our games in Santa Cruz be considered neutral site games?

(02-22-2021, 12:30 PM)BostonCard Wrote: [ -> ]Also, shouldn't our games in Santa Cruz be considered neutral site games?


...and Vegas?
Questions and comments concerning NET Rankings and criteria, should be addressed to:
I don't think it will matter for the men anymore but the announcers at Sunday's game said that the NCAA had decided that the games at Santa Cruz were considered neutral site games because Stanford didn't control the venue, score keeper etc.  If the same is applied to the Stanford Women, those games should be changed from home to neutral.  The decision about the men just happened at the end of last week.  I'm not sure if the NET ranking people will change their calculations based on the NCAA decision or not.

Pete F.
The Pac 12 was started in 2011
(02-22-2021, 02:07 PM)BobK Wrote: [ -> ]The Pac 12 was started in 2011
And was the Pac 10 and Pac 8 prior.
The Net rankings on the NCAA website show us playing 4 neutral site games, but still rank us 2nd in the Net.
DI Women's Basketball Rankings - NCAA Women's Basketball NET Rankings |
(02-22-2021, 02:07 PM)BobK Wrote: [ -> ]The Pac 12 was started in 2011

They seem to think otherwise.

Also, they need an editor:

"Since it’s founding in 1915, the Pac-12 Conference has united the west..."
(02-22-2021, 02:39 PM)crackpot Wrote: [ -> ] it’s founding
pretty soon that spelling going to be considered acceptable due to widespread usage--especially on this board!  :(

A suggestion for the administrator: similar to how the word "" automatically is replaced by something else, could you, as a gesture to the grammar police, automatically replace "it's" with "it is" -- which is always correct when "it's" is used correctly, and will obviously be wrong when "it's" is used incorrectly?
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