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Full Version: WBB: Pac 12 Results of the Week
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And what a week it was. Congrats to the Pac 12 Champion
(02-23-2021, 01:42 PM)BobK Wrote: [ -> ]The latest brackets

I do not like the fact that they have us in the region with Maryland as the #2 seed.  They are DANGEROUS.  They are #1 in scoring at 92.4 ppg.  They shoot 48.4 from the field and 40.5 from 3.  They average 20 assists per game.  It is said that defense wins championships.  If we meet Maryland in the Elite Eight, we will need solid defense to advance.
well, look at UConn's possible bracket: includes Arizona (2), Baylor (3) and Arkansas (who beat UConn - 4).