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Full Version: Men's tennis - NCAA tournament
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Stanford men's tennis swept LSU this morning 4-0 and advances most likely to play overall #5 seed and regional host Virginia tomorrow at 9 am pacific.
Thanks for your post, Spiny! Long-time Cardboard reader here and die-hard Stanford fan since the first time I saw Plunkett throw an over-the-shoulder bomb to Gene Washington. Joined CB today to give a little more background for Stanford's gutty men's tennis team. which lost to UCLA 3-4 and USC 0-7 in March but--when it really counted in April--won both rematches by 4-3 scores. Our guys were the outright Pac-12 champs with a 6-1 conference record, and William Genesen was the Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the year with a not-too-shabby 4.0 GPA. The team lost in the semifinals of the Pac-12 tournament which came down to a 8-10 tiebreaker in the last singles match, but I was proud of their efforts. This morning they overcame a 7AM Pacific start time and beat LSU 4-0. Tomorrow they face long-time powerhouse Virginia on their own turf. 
One last thing: years ago I signed up for email news & newsletters from various Stanford sports teams. The ones that stand out for me are the emails sent by men's tennis coach Paul Goldstein. If you respond to one of his emails, he will personally respond.
Welcome, EBSteve! Thanks for the post.