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Full Version: 2021 UCLA at Stanford Predictions Thread
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[font="Source Sans Pro", "droid sans", sans-serif]11-1 still on the table...[/font]
Stanford wins the turnover battle and wins an entertaining shootout, 41-31.
High scoring, PAC-12 shootout. 42-35 for the Cardinal.
Stanford's run defense against Vandy was deficient (240 yards given up against a subpar rushing offense).  The problem with UCLA is that they have a running QB (DTR) and a legitimate threat in the backfield (Charbonnet).  If our defense doesn't step up already in the first half and rein in the rushing attack, we could be in for a long afternoon.  I predict a halftime hole (24-14) that we don't quite manage to climb out of by the end of the game.  31-28 Bruins.

Hope I am wrong by a mile.  Anderson should know DTR in the meantime and have a few antidotes.  Let's hope he has the defense prepared.  31-28 Cardinal would be a much better result.  But for that, McKee and the D need to deliver.
I can't make up my mind yet.  Must consider the entire body of work by Stanford thus far.  Can not go exclusively by how they did in the last couple of plays or even the last game.
34-31 in a nailbiter, Karty nails the gamewinner at the final gun
35 Scott Fortune (MVB Olympics, 1988, 1992, 1996)
27 Karch Kiraly (MVB Olympics, 1984, 1988, 1996)
45-31...we win
Westwood: 41
West of El Camino: 24
Team whose fight song used to be "Come Join the Band", 34
Team whose fight song sounds like Kal's, 30
(09-20-2021, 02:44 PM)george Wrote: [ -> ][font="Source Sans Pro", "droid sans", sans-serif]11-1 still on the table...[/font]

Because UCLA will run the football, Stanford MUST run the football. It's critical that they limit UCLA's possessions and keep their offense off the field with some time consuming drives that result in TDs. I agree that Peat being the only available RB might be a blessing. I think he's Stanford's best and most explosive back. I'd like to see him get 25+ totes. Stanford really hasn't established a running game yet, though I sense that the OL is getting close to gelling. I'm also encouraged to see signs of a return to play-action passing with the QB under center. If Stanford can run for 150+ and continue to hit decisive downfield passes, they have a great shot at winning. SU 38-28.
UCLA run game will be potent and then our depleted  Secondary won't get stops. 
McKee will have to throw early and often because UCLA is going to stack the box until they are ahead, and then work for INTs.
Not having threatening TEs will also hurt us on 3rd down.  
UCLA 34, STAN 23
Stanford usually plays better defense at home. We're going to win.

Trees 38

The Chip Kelly team 30
I found the UCLA team buses parked by my daughter’s soccer field (the team must be staying at a hotel near the airport).  If the team is delayed due to some tire issues, I swear it wasn’t me.

(09-23-2021, 09:15 PM)thunder_chik Wrote: [ -> ]Team whose fight song used to be "Come Join the Band", 34
Team whose fight song sounds like Kal's, 30

I miss that song……
Stanford 31
45-24. UCLA.
Congrats to PAsportsfan.  

I actually meant to pick Stanford 41 - UCLA 38, but I must have made a mistake and got it backwards.  I would forfeit the extra points, but that would probably require someone to do some extra work, which is certainly not worth it.  

For the record, as a rule, I never pick against us. Given our performance in the trenches, I’m going to be hosed anyway and no serious competitors will have to worry about me.