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Full Version: Rose Bowl game thread
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Stanford goes up 7-0 with a beautiful first drive.

I will be asking every day for an unlimited time: did you see that catch?

Go Stanford
Patterson and Young! The present and future shining bright early.
Ertz showing why he deserved the Mackey . . .
Fiorst one to find a freeze frame of that catch, please post. I need new desktop picture.

And another spectacular pass just as Hogan was about to get creamed.

The team seems to be hitting on all cylinders.
Hogan shows heroism by taking a giant crushing hit while simultaneously sending a perfect long one to Ertz... Nice 14 point lead
Don't count your chickens yet. The D does not seem to be able to stop Wisconsin rush attack, goal-line stand notwithstanding.
We're lucky the receiver muffed that one. Should've been six.
Wisconsin has found something of a groove, though it took them a lot of calories to get the TD finally. But we do have a real opponent here.
Ouch. Guess it was just a short delay.

The front 7 started off well and had a beautiful stand, but Ball is chewing up yards now.

I suppose I started to get a little too comfortable with those strong early drives on both sides...
That groove required a completion off of Henry Andsersen's helment! I call that luck.
Yeah, when I saw that helmet bounce, I thought: you can't depend on having breaks like that forever.
47 yard FG? God damn.
always an adventure . . .
Wisconsin's downfield blocking is excellent. I can see how they could really run up the score. Fortunately, our guys have done an excellent job. It's going to take everything they have to keep it up.
following the game online from Asia.  Can someone tell me: why no Stepfan in the last couple of drives?  Is he out with an injury?  Seems a bit odd given his success at the start of the game.
Wisconsin's driving. We need something to snap the momentum.

OK, Wisconsin scored. Unfortunately our defense is porous, and our offense is stoppable. Got to change this.
Well, there's half time. Wisconsin gets the ball at start of second half.

From earlier comment by announcers, it sounds like they are planning to put the Stanford band on TV.
" Can someone tell me: why no Stepfan in the last couple of drives?"

Stephan is fine. Stanford is just taking what Wisconsin is giving them.
Taylor made the final play of the half.

I would rather we spend the final 14 seconds smashing through some running plays. Come on.

Shaw's words running into the locker room ... "We are doing good but tiny errors are getting us."
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