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Full Version: Cardboard posting guidelines
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The Cardboard is designed to be a fun, amicable place for discussion of all Stanford sports. Here are some guidelines to help keep it that way.

1. No "hit and run" posts designed solely to draw members to other sites. Established community members and guests are welcome to post links designed to stimulate discussion. However, links determined to be solicitations will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

2. Attack ideas, not people. It's rare, but those who are repeatedly confrontational have been banned. If the moderators cannot determine the instigator, both parties will be banned.

3. Do not use the private messaging features to harass other members. If you feel you are being harassed, please contact the moderators.

4. Do not copy material wholesale from other sites or blogs. Small excerpts for the purpose of discussion are welcome. As a general guideline, do not copy or quote more than four lines from an external source. The CardBoard style for quoting is as follows:

• paste the quote into the message
• select the quote
• use the icon/tool resembling a cartoon speech bubble to set off the quote into the software's speech style
• paste a link to the quoted material below the quote

Under no circumstances post material from behind a paywall.

5. Fans of other teams: we welcome your insight, but please remember that this is our home on the web. Do not say anything on the board that you would not say to us personally in our homes. The management will make every effort to determine the purpose of posts. Those interpreted as trolling will be deleted, and the posters banned. (Hint: name calling is almost always interpreted as trolling.)

6. Most of us use handles to identify ourselves on this site. One advantage of this is that people with inside knowledge can feel free to disclose information about themselves or their experiences. Please remember that it is each individual's choice how much information he or she discloses. Please respect other posters' choices on anonymity.