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Baseball of relevance - Hulk01 - 03-17-2019

Texas has come back to lead against #9 Texas Tech.
A win would the Horns the series, 2-1,
and make Stanford's 3-1 series win over Texas look even better,

Vandy is going down and will lose their series to #22 A&M and fall behind Stanford.

UCLA is ahead 5-3 against the Beavers, whose starter lasted just one third of an inning.
Beavers have to go deep into their bullopen. 
A UCLA win should put the Bruins number one in the rankings,
Stanford second,
then Oregon State,
then Mississippi State or Vanderbilt--
fw early season rankings are worth.

RE: Baseball of relevance - martyup - 03-17-2019

Pac-12 at 1, 2, 3 . . . sweet!