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Brunch and football - BostonCard - 06-06-2019

This is Wilner's idea:

Gee, I really want to have a breakfast tailgate at 8 am.


RE: Brunch and football - OutsiderFan - 06-06-2019

Wilner has lost his mind.  It's not like all of us haven't at some point contemplated 9am games. But we all had the sense to realize it was a dumb idea when we did, so never bothered making a post on a message board about it, let alone writing a newspaper article.

The whole "maybe ESPN and Fox will show our highlights" and "maybe that will appeal to poll voters" is just so damn pathetic. It's like someone trying to tag along when not wanted. Don't cashier your dignity in some cow-tow to others who think they are better than you. 

The far better idea is to pursue a TV deal with NBC that allows the schedule to be set prior to the season starting (because they don't have multiple conferences to juggle). Then, TV can pick the games they want to televise, but don't get to also decide when they are played. That's already decided to make it easier for fans to plan.

RE: Brunch and football - martyup - 06-06-2019

Breakfast burritos right off the grill, with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and salsa.  People would make it work.

[Image: ?]

RE: Brunch and football - ColoradoTree - 06-06-2019

Good ol' kegs and eggs, my friends.

RE: Brunch and football - donkey687 - 06-06-2019

yes, this is really dumb and the ratings prove out how dumb this is.  Pac12 gets more national eyeballs on later games than early games.  At Noon Eastern time, Big Ten football fans are watching one of a few Big Ten games playing. Same with SEC fans watching SEC games at that time.  The time that Big Ten and SEC fans actually watch Pac12 games is at 10pm and 11pm Eastern when we aren't competing for their eyeballs with regional games that have more meaning for them.

RE: Brunch and football - SamuelMcF - 06-06-2019

This was posted on Reddit today. My favorite comment: "Poor Jon, he can’t do his whole “make a shitty top 25 for attention” schtick when there’s no football so this is what he has to resort to."

Stop giving Jon Wilner clicks.

RE: Brunch and football - 82lsju - 06-06-2019

(06-06-2019, 01:52 PM)ColoradoTree Wrote:  Good ol' kegs and eggs, my friends.

beer and doughnuts like the old days......

RE: Brunch and football - Phogge - 06-07-2019

Eric.... Touchdown beignets!

RE: Brunch and football - French Rage - 06-07-2019

(06-07-2019, 06:55 AM)Phogge Wrote:  Eric.... Touchdown beignets!

If the defense shuts the other team out - free bagels for everyone in attendance!

RE: Brunch and football - 82lsju - 06-07-2019

beer and bacon doughnuts......

[Image: IMG_8305smaller.jpg]