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Aquatic Athletes & Alumnae on Sunday - M T - 06-08-2019

In the Santa Clara International Swim Meet this weekend, Stanford women & alumnae are doing well.
Simone Manuel swam a 53.30 in the 100 Free prelims.  She scratched the finals but her time was 0.75 ahead of the first place time.
Katie Drabot qualified 4th and also didn't swim. Lucie Nordmann qualified 5th and finished 4th.
Erin Voss finished 2nd in the 200 Back while Nordmann finished 8th (although her prelim time would have been 5th).
Drabot's prelim time in the 100 Fly would have gotten 2nd had she swum the finals.  Nordmann finished 4th.
Brooke Ford's prelim time in the 400 IM would have won had she swum the finals.
Zoe Bartell's prelim time in the 200 Br would have won had she swum the finals.
Manuel won the 50 Fr (over Abby Weitzeil).  Ashely Volpenhein finished 8th
Voss finished 2nd in the 100 Back.
Katie Ledecky won the 400 Fr by 13+ seconds.  Ella Eastin's prelim time would have been 3rd.  Voss's prelim time would have been 8th.
Manuel's prelim time qualified 3rd (as I write this, the finals have not been posted).

The final day of the meet is Sunday with prelims at 9AM and finals at 5PM.  It appears this meet is one you want to be at the prelims..
200 Fly (Stanford seeded 1,2,4), 100 Br (seeded 1, 3), 200 Free (seeded 1,3,5,6), 200 IM (seeded 1,3,4,5) , 50 Bk (seeded 2,4).
("Seeded" does not guarantee the swimmers entered will swim.)

Sorry - I have family in town, so I haven't gone to the meet.  I didn't take the time to even see if any Stanford men are swimming. Perhaps someone else can..


In the FINA Water Polo World League in Budapest, the USA women are in the championship match against Italy early on Sunday (11:15AM PDT).  More details and (paid $8/mo; $40/yr) live webcast at  The team (school - goals) in the semi final 8-6 victory over the Netherlands:
USA: Longan Amanda(USC 2018)– Musselman Madeline (UCLA 2020  - 2), Seidemann Melissa (Stanford 2013), Fattal Rachel (UCLA 2016), Hauschild Paige (USC 2012), Steffens Margaret (Stanford 2016 - 2), Neushul Jamie (Stanford 2017), Neushul Kiley (Stanford 2015 - 2), Fischer Aria (Stanford 2021), Raney Jordan (Stanford 2018), Fischer Makenzie (Stanford 2020 - 1), Williams Alys (UCLA 2017 - 1), Johnson Ashleigh (Princeton 2016).

RE: Aquatic Athletes & Alumnae on Sunday - unclechuck - 06-09-2019

Thanks MT, interesting stuff. Did you note if the swimmers were competing as Stanford, or for a mixed bag of their USS teams (e.g. Santa Clara Swim Club)?

Will try to track down some of the men today out of the same curiosity. Would be a pretty fast rust-buster / shakedown meet for our new men's coach, Dan Schemmel. BTW, have not noted previously on this board the late May hiring of an assistant men's swim coach, Neil Caskey. Could have missed it, but just in case, official posting here:

From his profile it seems Caskey was a mid distance freestyler and butterflier during his college career @ Texas. Couldn't ask for a better pedigree than that. The presser infers that he was responsible for distance swimmers while @ Wisconsin as an assistant coach, which would leave Schemmel the major role for strokes & sprints. This is speculation for now, and it would be much appreciated if anyone with more direct knowledge to share, does so at any time.

Caskey, as a Houston native, probably knows some of your old ponds & peers, MT.

Update: Stanford men & women swimmers both appear to be swimming as Palo Alto Stanford/Palo Alto unattached. I'd guess that this is to allow them the option of competing with a hometown or other club for outdoor nationals (and hence, on relays).