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Stanford Football access - OutsiderFan - 08-03-2019

There is no video or written quotes from the head coach or any players following what I think was the first day of practice, anywhere on the Stanford Football website. Does Stanford even have press availability after practices? 

The 49ers, Raiders, Cal, and even San Jose State have all created more content and access to their teams the first day of their practices. To go on the Official Stanford Football website, search Google, or YouTube, you would not know the first Summer practice was 8/2/19. 

I didn’t even look up Cal Football on YouTube, but when I looked at recommended videos, up popped one of Justin Wilcox, and three with Cal players, all dated 8/2/19. Stanford nowhere to be found.

San Jose State has had three reports from its practices that started 7/31. All I’ve seen from Stanford is a “practice starts tomorrow” posted before Friday, and a quick video of off season workouts on YouTube. Nothing from the first day of practice.  There’s months old videos on the home page. Nothing “now” whatsoever.

Does anyone know why Stanford Football does such a poor job telling its story? How many media peeps, from newspapers, TV, websites, or its own writers cover Stanford on a day to day basis?

RE: Stanford Football access - BobK - 08-03-2019

Rivals has a great story. Fitzgerald of the chronicle retired yesterday. So he was t there

John Reid does a great job

RE: Stanford Football access - SamuelMcF - 08-03-2019

I'm not sure whether the San Jose Mercury News is following training camp either. 

Here's a (free, not paywall) article from the Bootleg with audio from Shaw post-practice:

RE: Stanford Football access - Phogge - 08-03-2019

It is simple. There is no Murphy, Cavalli or Rose in the SID office. I worked with all of them plus Liebendorfer who was the ultimate grump. All of them knew how to promote a college program in the Bay Area. Caveat is that the BA sports scene has changed greatly in the last 20 years.

I fear a reason is that Stanford won’t pay top dollar to an SID. Plus perhaps a ton of resistance in promoting star players by the head coach. We found that out on a proposed 60 Minutes profile of McCaffrey.

RE: Stanford Football access - SamuelMcF - 08-03-2019

Maybe they listened to you, OF!

RE: Stanford Football access - JJJ - 08-03-2019

It’s not the same as articles but if you follow Stanford Football on Instagram or Facebook, they post several short clips like this:

RE: Stanford Football access - OutsiderFan - 08-04-2019

That quick video is an example of exactly what I don’t care one iota about. It tells me nothing at all. 

I want to hear the coaches and players answer questions about what is happening at practices. Speaking of that, the Shaw comments on Day 1 were interesting in terms of how pleased he was. But there’s already been a Day 2 and I haven’t seen anything on that.  We are not suppose to be on a 24-hour delay for news. Last night Justin Wilcox once again popped up on YouTube to talk about Day 2. No Stanford once again.

Stanford’s YouTube channel is chronically underused.

RE: Stanford Football access - 82lsju - 08-04-2019

Quote:Stanford football coach David Shaw talks about his quarterback K.J. Costello and how his team enjoys scheduling tough competition.