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"We're" #2: Greatest Upsets of all time - fullmetal - 08-13-2019

The 2007 U$C game was just behind (you guessed it) App State vs. Michigan.

RE: "We're" #2: Greatest Upsets of all time - OutsiderFan - 08-13-2019

This is debatable. Michigan was not the #1 ranked team. They started #5 and ended that season unranked at 9-4. USC was #1, went 11-2, won the Rose Bowl and end #3/2. Moreover, App State didn’t start its game down 23-0. It also didn’t convert a 4th and 20 on its final drive of the game, or score a TD on 4th and Goal in the last minute.

On top of that, App State made a jump from FCS to FBS soon after that Michigan game, and was a very good team that year, going on to a 13-2 record and winning the FCS championship. OTOH, Stanford went on to go 4-8.

RE: "We're" #2: Greatest Upsets of all time - Publius - 08-13-2019

One objective measure puts our win ahead: point spread.  I had thought it was the biggest CFB upset by that metric of all time. Turns out there was another game that same year (Howard over UNLV) with an bigger point spread upset, and the third largest point upset was also that year (Syracuse over Louisville).