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As Gomer Pyle said: Surprise, surprise, sur-prise - Redrum - 06-06-2010

The Texas legislature is reportedly on the move in the Great Big 12 Raid.    Note this report came from the station that serves College Station,  home of Texas A&M.   TV stations, most often the small ones, are not famous for doing investigative journalism, particularly those that can\'t be told with video tape.   Waco is just up the interstate a bit and college sports are the top of the local sports pyramid.

You can just see the Pac-10 strategists spray their Diet Cokes when they read about giving up the Denver TV mkt. for the Waco TV market.

Just how shakey IS the Big 12? - Redrum - 06-06-2010

Per this article, the loss of ONE major TV market dooms the entire Big 12 enterprise.  Of course,  the same might hold true for the "new" Pac-10 and other conferences.  This guy just asserts what others aren\'t talking about.   Sort of not like mentioning Volde...I mean, he who must not be named.   In these conferences built solely around TV revenues rather than the old geographic affiliations,  great wealth and great vulnerability go hand in hand.  Imagine,  a whole football conference brought down because Missouri football fans start watching the Big Ten.

Texas Tech will be the instant Pac-10 doormat.

UT wants to be affiliated with prestigious (research) universities and the Pac-10 is a better fit than the Big 12 (Take THAT!).  Maybe makes the whole "academic compatibility" argument of the Pac-10 look a little shakier if the deal goes through?