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WBB CTT slammed busy Rueck - BobK - 02-13-2020

Love it. Thanks for speaking out Scott

RE: WBB CTT slammed busy Rueck - mbdude - 02-13-2020

I feel Rueck feels his team is "soft" (IMHO they are except for Pivec)  and is trying to get an edge. There were even complaints about Stanford being too physical

RE: WBB CTT slammed busy Rueck - triangle2 - 02-13-2020

CTT doesn't exactly occupy the moral high ground on aggressive defense. Recall the swinging arms in the face defense from ASU in the late 90's that CTT implemented until the conference finally banned it.

Anyone who watched the last five minutes of the Stanford - UCLA game knows that the conference has a big problem. A couple of the UCLA players have revived the CTT arm swinging tactic. If you turn up the volume at the end, you can hear a low murmuring turn into an swelling chorus of outrage from the Maples crowd. UCLA was attacking the Stanford players with arms flailing even when the game was no longer in doubt, and the refs stood there like it was their job to be stone statues.