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Re: Welcome, new posters! - SUBuddha - 10-22-2013

(10-22-2013, 08:31 PM)martyup link Wrote:Can someone please explain the meaning of "Low APR U".
Marty, If you study graduation rates Kal has the lowest APR for the Pac 12, taking the title from UofA for the last year. In essence Kal graduates the fewest players in the PAC.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Leftcoast - 10-22-2013

APR = Academic Progress Rate

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 10-23-2013

The idea of Will.ingham lurking is sort of amusing. I wonder if Mike Montgomery is here, too?

Beneath all the green - Hulk01 - 12-05-2013

Native Oregonian; Minneapolitan since 1981.  Drawn to bad climates.
Nicknamed by hs girlfriend after I knocked out two running backs in one half.
Lowest hs gpa in Stanford history. 
Lived in Burbank Stern (‘69) and Lagunita Magnolia (“70-’72)
Aced Robert Horn’s Con Law class.
Lusted for Cathleen Caballero.
Practiced law but realized that I hate rules.
Advisor, teacher, lecturer, speaker, and author of five books on marketing
Served four years on the Stanford Athletic Board.

Rich source of Harbaugh and Arnold Palmer stories.
Spoke at Vijay Singh’s Hall of Fame induction.  (He’s wry and witty.  Who would have known?)
Dated Tarpley’s girlfriend’s mom.
A bit connected.
Cannot name four Stanford basketballers (Powell, Bright, Randle (sp?)) but can recite detailed bios of the men’s golfers.
Former Bootleg member.  Still healing. 
Worship Stanford; it has blessed me all of my life.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 12-05-2013

Shouldn't there be something about a former Dolly in here?

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Leftcoast - 12-05-2013

Cathleen Caballero, Stanford Dollie, 1969-1970

Someday I want to hear about Hulk's pre-Cardboard Dollie quest, a quest many lived vicariously in the internet's Stone Age.

Leftcoast, welcome to someday - Hulk01 - 12-05-2013

I earned some notoriety on these Stanford bulletin boards for my infatuation with the greatest Dollie ever.  And so it happened that seven years ago, a fellow early 70’s alum, and a likely poster here, sent me two photos of Cathleen Cabellero from those years.  One showed her riding piggy back on his shoulders and wearing what we then called a bikini. The two looked cozy but I never asked him the obvious.

I studied her at Stanford games but don’t remember ever seeing her on campus.  I remember thinking that she might belong to a select elite group of students, not more than ten, who lived in some special quarters up in Woodside.  She was Claudia Cardinale, Miss Out of My League. So if I ever had spotted her on campus I would not have done more than peek. Then and now I am someone who always has defied Steve Jobs’ advice, implicit in his comment that “it’s not the ones that you asked to dance that you regret later. It’s the ones that you didn’t”

A few years ago a fellow fan, who learned that I had achieved some success and the disposable income that magically transforms a male 6 into an 8, sent me a suggestion. Fly to Los Angeles and drive up to Malibu, he wrote, and show up at Cathleen’s no-doubt-massive front door.  Certainly she would be touched by my infatuation and comforted enough by the car and driver waiting in her three-car driveway that she would slip away for a nice Cab and some note-comparing. 

But we all change, which means I felt sure that she no longer was Cathleen Caballero and I no longer was the Stanford junior who looked too young to have a driver’s license.  Plus by that point I had married another lust-object, she from Pasadena, and felt content and often delirious, not knowing the hell and sociopathy that would arrive soon.

I did learn that, like me, Cathleen does not mate well in captivity. We currently are tied for our class lead in divorces, which hints to me that she may be every bit as tempestuous as I once dreamed.  Plus my tastes have changed.  I never felt satisfied with her successors, but three years ago came across a photo of the Michigan Rose Bowl Dollies and realized that Jeanette Jones, Susie Peterson, and Irene Maharam were the sexiest threesome ever to wear the Indian feathers and red-fringed boots (I just lost a breath there) or anything else that our beloved Dollies ever slipped on or--heaven please help me even more now--off.

If he is reading now, by the way, thanks for the two photos.  I look at them at least once every year and they always make me smile.  I suspect that you either no longer smoke or are too dead to read this; I hope the first.

God bless us all.  Stanford certainly did that for me, with or without the Divine Miss C.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 12-05-2013

I dunno, Hulk. She looks just like all the other Dollies to me.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 12-05-2013

Also, while there is much, much, MUCH in praise of Irene Balcar and Co., they never danced at the Rose Bowl. That was the previous group, 1971-72, which included Laura (Simon) Rung ('74) Sheri (Cooper) Sinykin ('72) Christina (Hwang) Madison ('74) Daryl (Wood) Wood-Gerber and Linda (Mitchell) Sanderson. Daryl Wood is my personal choice as the most gorgeous all-time Dolly. I recognize others may think differently, but they are knaves and fools who should be driven into the desert and whipped.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Hulk01 - 12-05-2013

Funny that I forgot Daryll because I was a good friend of her fellow Dolly, Sheri Cooper. 

Daryll certainly compiled the Hot Dolly credentials:  Lots of national commercials and parts on Murder She Wrote and Hart to Hart.

Our difference here, Garvin, reflects a slight difference in preferences:  I love Mediterranean women and you love Irish girls.  Viva la difference, although my difference from you is better than yours from me.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Stymie - 12-13-2013

I'm an older than dirt alum who spent the first 20 years after graduation (AB, English) getting an MBA at the Stanford of the East, dodging protesting hippies and possible assignments to Nam by being a good boy (outside of the weekend pass I finagled to get to Woodstock) for two years at the Dept of the Army HQ in DC, working fulltime as as a management consultant for ~8 years and then retiring at age 34 or so and pissing away the next 10 years working a bit but spending the most important 2-4 months of each year playing golf in Scotland (mostly at Dornoch, north of nowhere....), and there eventually finding a woman whom, after a 10 year courtship, lured me to a Burns supper in New Jersey and plied me with haggis and Macallan until I just couldn't say no, and then I flitted to Fife in Scotland with her and got married and had two kids and, for Christ sakes they are now almost adults!, but we're all doing fine and with the combination of my wife's salary and my investment income we don't really have to work, so I pretend to work by following my interests of, watching my sprogs morph into the the great pieces of intelligent protoplasm that I am sure they will become, competitive golf, watching and bitch slapping the stock markets, and following Stanford Football.  Did I mention that my Honors thesis was on James Joyce....????

I'll lurk religiously and post randomly.  Watch out for the tyops.


Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 12-13-2013

Does "older than dirty" translate to "I saw Gene Washington play quarterback"? Either way, welcome aboard, Stymie.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - SUBuddha - 12-13-2013

Just found out that in addition to my grandfather playing baseball on the farm in the thirties, my mom's uncle was on the football team in the early thirties. I definitely know how I got in now.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Stymie - 12-14-2013

Thanks Gravin

I vaguely remember Washington at quarterback in 66?, but because Stanford was pretty mediocre at football in the late 60's didn't pay much attention.  My most enduringly memorable football moment in those 4 years was Alexander Kerensky (President of the Duma before Lenin took over, and Hoover fellow then) was elected "Red Hot Prof" for the homecoming weekend and led a cheer in front of the student section (primo seats on the 50 then).  Those were kinder and gentler days....

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Cowboy1 - 12-18-2013

Do I seriously have to have 100 posts before I can get on the insider board?!?!?

If yes, then prepare yourself for a bunch of short, inane posts.

The Dolly site does not have a picture of Ms. Caballero who Hulk constantly refers to - that is disappointing and increased my curiosity.

I am a long time lurker.  I created a profile years ago, but apparently forgot the login information so had to create a new profile.

Live in rural Nevada and in Reno.  Class of 88.  CE.  Now attorney.

I lurk on the Bootboard as well, but that place is depressing.  Conversations by a few posters focus on the worst of everything.  It has died down a bit since we won the last game, but they are simply waiting for someone to stumble to get back in their groove.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Leftcoast - 12-18-2013

Welcome, Cowboy !

Here's a well kept secret - the members only board is mostly boring Rose Bowl ticket strategies.  It 's a necessary evil given our MSU friends desperation and creativity .  For the most part this site is an inclusive and self-policing board and I, for one , hope it stays that way.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - BostonCard - 12-18-2013

I'm a physician who went to Stanford, and then went to the Stanford of the East for medical school, hence the name.  I know a number of posters from other boards.

Boston Card

Re: Welcome, new posters! - CompSci87 - 12-18-2013

(12-18-2013, 08:12 PM)joshuamarkgalanter link Wrote:I'm a physician who went to Stanford, and then went to the Stanford of the East for medical school, hence the name.  I know a number of posters from other boards.

Boston Card

You can set the displayed name in your profile to Boston Card if you want. (Or maybe it has to be BostonCard -- I am not sure if spaces are allowed.)

Introducing Mick - Mick - 12-19-2013

I was an early member of the other board, then an early member of the Cardboard for years...then I unaccountably stopped posting for two years (new job, long work weeks, etc.).  I started posting again about a year ago, I think.

I've been attending Stanford football games since I was 7 years old and Jim Plunkett was a senior.  I was fooling around on the old rickety stadium railings which gave way, and I lost a few teeth and had some stitches...all on the day that Boryla set the TD record, as my dad reminds me on occasion.  I attended Santa Clara, but would drive up the peninsula to watch John Elway before crowds of 80,000+.

I've had a lot of family at Stanford.  My sister in law is a Stanford/Harvard hybrid, she is currently the CMO at one of the most prominent tech companies based in the SF Bay Area.  My sister has a doctorate from SUSE (Stanf U School of Education, pronounced "Susie.").  I have a cousin who has an undergrad and master's from Stanford (and an MBA from Notre Dame), he was manager of the baseball team when he was at Stanford.  I have another cousin who is a nurse and graduated from Stanford in the 1960s.  My father in law has an undergrad and master's there, he played on the basketball team at Stanford and was a NASA engineer for decades.  My great grandfather had 25 season tickets at midfield dating from the 1930s onward.  My grandparents met at Stanford; granddad was class of '42, Econ.  He was taking Japanese Economic history which was taught by a Japanese deputy ambassador which met first thing on Monday mornings.  He sleepily headed to class on the morning of December 8, not understanding why everyone was running around campus, and gradually getting the idea when he walked into the class, which was standing room only.  The ambassador/professor showed up late, walked up to the podium, clearly shaken, and stated that he believed that the Empire of Japan was in the right in the dispute between countries, but had not expressed it correctly...meaning the prior day's attack on Pearl Harbor.  At that point, said granddad, the largest MP he had ever seen before or since came and led the ambassador away in handcuffs.  Granddad graduated and joined the Navy, he was stationed at the Pentagon as a computer operator, feeding punchcards into early IBM machines.

I'm in marketing and business development for professional services firms, most recently with law firms.  I live in Willow Glen, attend Stanford games when I can.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get either of my sons to apply to Stanford, both wanted to go to school in the East.  My older son plays volleyball and will graduate from Princeton this year.  He played club volleyball with Brian Cook and high school volleyball with Matt Aiello (both Stanford MVB).  My younger son was just accepted to Princeton a few days ago (early admission).  But both are Stanford football fans...;)

Re: Introducing Mick - yvonne - 12-19-2013

Those are impressive bona fides, Mick!

(12-19-2013, 10:29 AM)Mick link Wrote:My older son plays volleyball and will graduate from Princeton this year.  He played club volleyball with Brian Cook and high school volleyball with Matt Aiello (both Stanford MVB).  My younger son was just accepted to Princeton a few days ago (early admission).  But both are Stanford football fans...;)

I worked at Princeton for a couple of years between undergrad and grad school. It's a great place, albeit a bit stuffy. The campus is beautiful, and the whole town and several nearby identify with it. I like the feel, but it's very different from Stanford. When I was back there last year one of the thoughts that went through my mind was "Where do the kids play?" Most grassy areas are chained off, making it pointedly obvious that pedestrians are to stay on the flagstone paths.