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Re: Welcome new posters! - washingtonismoney - 09-30-2011

Fuzzy Dunlop, please tell me your name is a "The Wire" reference.

Re: Welcome new posters! - Fuzzy Dunlop - 09-30-2011

It is!

Re: Welcome new posters! - needle - 09-30-2011

Re: Welcome new posters! - yvonne - 09-30-2011


Scarlet or orange?

Re: Welcome new posters! - vataha - 09-30-2011

Hello Cardboard,

I'm NOT the Randy Vataha but he was my original Stanford hero. I used to post many years ago but I have not in many years. My dad is a law school grad and I was conceived in Escondido Village. I was a core volunteer for the Bootleg with Jim and Lars. I helped "seed" home/away stands with free Bootleg handouts. After a couple of years I focused my attention to my two young sons about the time the 'leg began to sniff corporate relationships. Best of my recollection the Cardboard was born around that time and it exemplified what being a true Stanford fan has meant to me. Mostly intelligent, articulate, loyal folks conscious of one’s footprint. No offense to the Bootleg but it morphed into something I choose to not be a part of.

I attended the Don Bunce, Rod Garcia rose bowl victory over UM on 1/1/1972. Aside from the '69, '71, and '73 big games I had attended every single home game from 1969 through 2007 after which my oldest sons' athletic endeavors took precedence. My first big game was the 1974 big game in Berkeley. (Thank you Mike Langford, Brad Williams, Tony Hill, Guy Benjamin). I was at the 1982 big game deep within the Stanford section. Ironically I was staying with a friend of mine who was a junior at UC at the time.. After the game I went out to "Fondue Fred's" with 22 other UC undergrads and got really stewed on a bangload of wine. Later, as the kal crew was writing the original draft of the sacrifice scene from "Apocalypto" at my friends' apartment just five blocks from memorial, I stumbled my way up to memorial, climbed a fence and brewed up a batch self-pity, wallowing in it for a while.

I was in South Bend in 1992 for the still surreal victory over USB. The bus ride back to the train and the ensuing train ride back to Chicago was a fabulously boozy victory ride as kindred spirits embraced strangers as long lost friends.

I was fortunate enough to have worked in the SU athletic department for nearly ten years. (I previously was an executive assistant to President Gerhard Caspar during his last year in office. He was brilliant and humble) I had many wonderful associations with great people in the AD. From equipment managers and maintenance personnel to key administrators and some of the most admired and honored college coaches in Stanford as well as college history. Some of our Stanford coaching heroes are normal folks who happen to be brilliant teachers, organizers and leaders of leaders. David Shaw is a true blessing. He is the long term Stanford Football coach we have wanted for such a long time.

I have much more recollections/rights of passage regarding my love affair with Stanford football yet I will keep them with me for now.

About 8-9 years ago Garvin laid down a hilarious story which either appeared here or in the then less inflammatory Bootleg. It was about Forrie Martin and how he had targeted then UCLA kicker Efren Herrera for a butt-kicking. This tail included references to Forrie Martin crashing a human blockade outside his pre-med? class during those days when my folks drove me and my siblings around the campus to see all of the broken windows created from the demonstrations.

I bump into Gary T here in HMB every now and then.

Although he may live in infamy from that other board but I REALLY miss Long-Winded. He was absolutely outstanding.

I wanted to take this opportunity to shout out to long-time Stanford Baseball administrator Kathy Wolff who rather suddenly left us back in 2008 after many years of service to Stanford Baseball as well as the Stanford community. I worked with Kathy and I still value what I learned from her example as to how to treat people. She left an inspirational footprint

Re: Welcome new posters! - TreeFitty - 10-01-2011


dunno what you're asking.

Re: Welcome new posters! - Nan3cy - 10-01-2011

While Yvonne is perfectly capable of answering for herself: my assumption is that she's asking whether you're a grad student at Princeton (orange) or Rutgers (scarlet). She has a particular interest in the answer to that question, which I will let her share with you as and when she pleases...

Re: Welcome new posters! - TreeFitty - 10-01-2011

OHHHH, I thought it might be more Terra related.

In that case. Orange.

Re: Welcome new posters! - garvin - 10-01-2011

Oh, TreeFitty....wrong answer....

Re: Welcome new posters! - Erika - 10-01-2011

Hey, I'll jump in here...I am one of the lurkers, but was actually around when the cardboard was just an idea in Garvin's brain. I logged in as Erika. Since I forgot my log in pw and was away from the board off and on I just look new.
It is great to "hear" info on so many posters.
Here is some of mine:
Lived in Branner when it was all frosh.
Tried to join LSJUMB but couldn't because of my gender.
Graduated in '75 with a BS & MS, so am just barely older than Garvin.
Daughter is a Stanford freshman this year (and is also a cardboard lurker).
Son is a Sr. at MIT with a start up and a graduate of Y Combinator (last summer).
Husband is a Stanford GSB grad (we met while running at Angell field)
Am a Rodent Maven at UW (but not a husky fan) . They just give me a paycheck.
I love the cardboard and thank all of you posters (and lurkers too) for keeping this such a great place to visit.

Re: Welcome new posters! - yvonne - 10-02-2011

an idea in Garvin's brain? excuse me?

Re: Welcome new posters! - garvin - 10-02-2011

Yeah, the CardBoard idea was in Yvonne's brain. And most of the work getting the board up and running was done by her hands; except for Viking Guy, the rest of the original group were cyber-clods. In any event, RodentMaven, nice to meet a longtime lurker, not to mention somebody who's older than me.

Re: Welcome new posters! - Hank 91 - 10-05-2011

Hello all. I graduated in 1991 -- hence my clever Cardboard ID. I lived in Rinconada with Cory Booker, then Sterling Quad, Manzanita (where we frequently played pool with Chris Walsh and Andrew Vlahov), and then back to Sterling Quad.

My greatest football memory from those years was obviously Big Game 1990, a victory that I celebrated by rushing the field and then climbing the pole that holds the net behind the goal posts. I fell and broke my arm, but it was a small price to pay for such a glorious victory.

I teach middle school English, which is just about the best job in the world, and I also coach both the boys' and girls' basketball teams at my school. And here's the best part -- last year I transfered to Stanford Middle School, named after Senior, not Junior. Everything in life is a circle. My family and I (two daughters and a son) live in Long Beach, CA.

I write a website called, the name of which is a reference to what my friends and I always called the football team during our time on the Farm. Writing about the team for the past year has been almost as fun as watching them. Like many have already said, it's almost too much to believe.

One last thing -- I love the Cardboard, as much for the people as the subject matter.

Re: Welcome new posters! - teejers1 - 10-05-2011

Gentlemen (and ladies): I'll be brief . . .

Born and raised in Palo Alto and grew up a Stanford fan the old-fashioned way - back in the day, the home games at Stanford were de riguer for families in the community, irrespective of any Stanford affiliation.  It was just the thing to do.  Have fond memories of The Family Plan, sitting in the south end zone, and bringing a small cooler with sodas and sandwiches from the Cheese House into the game.  The affection for Stanford grew as siblings matriculated there (and then, somewhat miraculously, the fatty arrived in the mail for the youngest in our family).

Donner, Kairos, and Theta Delt house (with a Tours detour thrown in senior year).  Loved every moment of my time on The Farm and still have many, many great friends from those days.

Was in LSJUMB with GaryT and Robbie.  Confession: the refs could have thrown the hankie on me after the go-ahead FG (think I was on about the 35 yard line running around like a crazy man - along with many other jubilant LSJUMBers).  But alas, I missed most of The Play as my back was turned to the field in an embrace with several other bandsters when the UC East Bay player's knee was down early in that play.  What I recall most was looking up to the stands (back to the field) and seeing a fraternity brother's eyes go wide.  He was watching the field.  When I turned a stampede was headed my way so I backpedaled a bit, only to see some UC East Bay guy run into the end zone with the ball and hit a minding-his-own-business-but-soon-to-be-famous GaryT.  Ah . . . memories.

1990 Big Game was tremendous, even though I was relegated to listening to it on a static-laden, intermittent broadcast while living in southern California.  The neighbors in West L.A. must have thought I was nuts when I grabbed a couple pots and started banging and hooting and hollering out in front of our house in a quiet resiential street.

Vataha, I was on that train ride back from South Bend in 1992 (and 1990), and we must have crossed paths.  Our car was absolutely OFF THE HOOK on the ride back to Chicago!  I'm not sure which trip was more enjoyable - the shocking upset inf 1990, or the ass-kicking in 1992 (after spotting ND the first 16 points of the game).  On both trips, the train ride back to Chicago was one for the ages.

Have made numerous Stanford sports roadies - often as an excuse to meet up with good friends - including, Sun Bowl, at UNC, Texas in '99, at ASU in '99 (great great memories), Rose Bowl (monster 'gater), at TCU, several ND games, the game this season at Duke, and of course, the Orange Bowl.  Am also a fan of other Stanford sports, including M&W hoops, volleyball, and soccer.  Also try to attend a few baseball games at Sunken with the fam.

Have been a Cardboarder (and Bootlegger) since their inceptions and very much enjoy the back and forth.  Only thing more enjoyable: watching the Stanford football team the last 2-3 years.  The turnaround has been remarkable.  Here's hoping this squad continues the winning ways and that we can all meet up for a another BCS Bash in 2012. 

P.S.  I've bored many here with various stories over the years, which I won't repeat now.  Will only say that in 1983, I and a few crazy stalwarts managed to hang a 115-foot long "Beat UC East Bay" banner over the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.  Didn't help with the game in any way, but the story of that endeavor . . . well, in the back of my mind I keep thinking some day I'll write an article or screen play about the entire, incredible experience. 

P.P.S.  Finally, I also agree that garvin's Forrie Martin story was one of the greatest all-time stories ever posted on any sports blog anywhere.  Loved it.

Re: Welcome new posters! - Ferris_Bueller - 10-05-2011

Teejers -

Thanks for hosting the farm's Rose Bowl tailgater, with bonus credit for huuugely liberal acceptance of Ausländers New Years Day. 

If only coz I got a chance to share a postgame howdy-do w/Embo.


Re: Welcome new posters! - fullmetal - 10-05-2011

teejers, did I miss you at the Orange Bowl?  Ah...!

Re: Welcome new posters! - teejers1 - 10-06-2011

Fullmetal, I didn't make the Cardboard rendezvous in South Beach - had other obligations to attend to - so if that was your specific reference, then no, you did not miss me there.  As for the game itself, I could well have chatted with you and apologies for not recalling that (I spent a ton of time with frosh soph buddies . . . and I was probably a wee bit overserved!).

Lurck, I was more of an administrator, organizer and partial host for that Rose Bowl 'gater.  Another friend actually picked up the 5-6 kegs (can't recall exact number), and another buddy and his family were responsible for purchasing the spring lamb (and driving it south to the RB) for cooking on the rotating spit.  That was pretty awesome, game score n/w/s (would have loved to play Wiscy at full strength).  Terry and I still have pics from that day in our offices. 

Re: Welcome new posters! - yvonne - 10-06-2011

Whoa! I don't remember lamb at the RB 'gater. (Of course, all I remember is drizzle and the fact that people said I came close to Long Winded without self-combusting.)

Re: Welcome new posters! - fullmetal - 10-06-2011

teejers -- I use the term missed rather liberally; two or more Cardboaders in relative proximity (at least for me) necessitates some attempt at meeting :)  We'll have to see about this season's bowl game then.  As for my seats, I was around section 102, Stanford fan side, near the left corner of the end zone, row 1.

Re: Welcome new posters! - wyattp - 10-06-2011

I lurk here quite a bit and make the occasional post so I figured I should introduce myself as well....

Even though I didn't go to Stanford I really do bleed Cardinal, I was fortunate enough to go to CalPoly - SLO, graduated with a BS an Ag Business and minor in Wine & Vit.

You could condenser me the resident wino as I live in the Napa Valley and work for a winery software company.  However I still make it down for the occasional football or basketball game and you can usually find me tailgating under the of extremely large proportions Oak Tree at the entrance of Lot A.

I grew up in Palo Alto going to Stanford Football/Basketball/Baseball games with the family.  Yes I was one of those little kids playing in the dirt under the bleachers on the sunny side back in the day.  Both of my parents were Class of '75 (Dad - MBA, Mom - Architecture), my Grandparents were mid 50's I believe and my sister just graduated this past year with a BS in Chemical Engineering.

My parents are still very heavily involved with the athletics and have season tickets to almost every sport (Football, M&W Basketball, W Volleyball, Baseball) and my mom is currently serving on the Athletic Board.