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Re: Welcome, new posters! - yvonne - 03-11-2012

How very kind of them! It's a Jewish tradition to throw candy in synagogue on happy occasions such as the Saturday before a man gets married or during a bar/bat mitzvah..

Re: Welcome, new posters! - dpbrewster - 03-19-2012

Don Brewster, Class of 1979.  Played Volleyball while at The Farm.  Football season ticket holder who has enjoyed the last two BCS bowl games immensely.  Aspire to be BobbK.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - akiddoc - 04-05-2012

Hey!?! Rutter never complained that I use the same handle on both boards. Guess I don't add credibility.  :P

Class of '78, live in Oakland.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - jalapeno - 04-06-2012

I'm everybody's favorite USC fan. Surprised to see so many new members since the last time I posted here. Hope ya'll didn't miss me too much.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - CowboyIndian - 04-23-2012

I see there's a new Cardboarder with the handle 'vickydrake'. Please tell me that's you, Vicky!

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 04-24-2012

Even more impressive than having Warren Wonka as a member.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - ebarws6 - 07-15-2012

Hello everyone,

I'm Michael, 17, from Alameda. My family has had season tickets for football since wayyy before I was born, as my Dad is an alum (c/o some time in the 70's, not sure many people know when their parents graduated). I've become an absolute nut over the years, and I like to think of myself as one of the biggest young fans the school has. I haven't just hopped on the bandwagon because of recent success, I've been in the stands ranging from the '00 Rose Bowl, to all of '06  :-[, to the last two BCS games.

I'll be around.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 07-15-2012

Nice to meet you, Michael. Welcome aboard! Ask your dad if, when he was in school, he ever sat by somebody who kept screaming, "Don't throw the ball in the [mind-boggling compound expletive] ground again, Cordova!" If so, that might have been me. Well, okay, it might have been almost anybody. But anyway.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - yvonne - 07-15-2012

Welcome, Michael!

It'll be great to have your perspective on the board, not only because you're a longtime fan with deep Stanford connections, but also because you add some needed youth to the board!

I'm looking forward to what you have to say.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - ebarws6 - 07-15-2012

I'll also be applying this coming fall so we'll see how that'll work out...

Re: Welcome, new posters! - 3card - 11-12-2012

Hello!  I just signed up after reading the board for a few weeks at the urging of one of the current members.  Class of '95 undergrad.  I'm a refugee from Jerry Palm's now defunct paid BCS and RPI boards.  Just posted my thoughts on our Rose Bowl chances if things don't work out well this Saturday.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - dabigv13 - 11-12-2012

Welcome! Solid, evidence based post....almost terry-esque.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - 3card - 11-13-2012

Thanks, dabigv, much appreciated!

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Zaru - 11-27-2012

Hi there! I've been following Stanford for a while now, since the Andrew Luck days, and I was really impressed with their win over Oregon and how Hogan has been playing, and so, I would like to join!

Re: Welcome, new posters! - yvonne - 11-28-2012

Welcome, Zaru

Re: Welcome, new posters! - cardcoug - 11-29-2012

Hi folks, i've been commenting for a little bit but haven't formally introduced myself. I'm a philosophy grad student at Stanford, currently in my 4th year, and I live in San Francisco. I grew up near Provo and my family had season tickets to BYU games, so I'm a diehard cougar fan (despite my no longer being LDS). I came to PA loving spread-it-around pass happy offense, but my first year here was Toby's smashmouth senior season, and I instantly fell in love.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - fullmetal - 11-29-2012

Ah!  I was under some mistaken impression that you had some WSU allegiance in you somewhere :)  Welcome!

Re: Welcome, new posters! - estephan500 - 11-29-2012

Me too... Every time I saw cardcoug's name I assumed he lived in Washington and was internally conflicted when Stanford plays WSU.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 11-29-2012

Hmmm. I assumed cardcoug was a woman.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - dispr - 12-01-2012

Hello,I wanted to introduce myself. I've been lurking on this forum for awhile now and decided to finally register.
Here's a  little info about myself.  I currently reside in Fort Worth, Tx. I grew up in San Jose and have been a big Stanford fan since the mid 90's. I work in the railroad industry and began my career on Caltrain as a train conductor. During my time at Caltrain, I met a ton of great people that worked or attended Stanford.
I left Caltrain in 2006 and moved to Fort Worth to advance my career in the railroad industry. The lack of Stanford fans out here is a little disappointing.  >:( however at work, I have no problem finding ears to listen to me talk up my Stanford team  :)
Now where I work, we have a lot of  Corn Husker fans, so I'm hoping we can meet them in the Rose bowl and put a whooping on them. Well that's about it...GO Stanford!!!!!