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Re: Welcome, new posters! - fullmetal - 04-03-2013

Sometimes it takes a little bit of extreme Stanford fanaticism to remind other fans that Stanford fans are not going to lay down at the first sign of aggression.  Great story, and welcome to the board!

Re: Welcome, new posters! - AthleticsDynasty - 06-29-2013

I am a die hard Stanford and Oakland Athletics fan who lives in Southern California. My father and uncles are Stanford Alums, I went to UC-Santa Barbara. I love to talk recruiting and HS sports

Re: Welcome, new posters! - yvonne - 06-29-2013

Welcome, AD.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 06-30-2013

Welcome aboard, AB!

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Treefence - 08-12-2013


I'm 25, and I've been a Stanford fan all my life pretty much.  My parents both went to Stanford, which is where they met.  When I was 4 we lived in Palo Alto because my dad was working on his PHD, and we also had season tickets for the football team.  I follow pretty much every Stanford sport I can, and I have a of immense proportions passion for football.  I live in Santa Barbara and work at an accounting firm.  Some of the best games I've been to were Stanford's 55-21 win over USC, the Toby Gerhart game against Notre Dame, and recently the Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin.  I love following recruiting, and getting every bit of information I can during the off season.  Whenever a new depth chart is released I'll print it out at work and study it for a while.  I can't wait for this season to start!  I didn't know about this message board until now, but I'm excited its up.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - yvonne - 08-12-2013

Welcome, Treefence!

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 08-12-2013

Welcome aboard, Treefence!

Re: Welcome, new posters! - fullmetal - 08-15-2013

Glad to have you aboard, Treefence!  Young blood is always welcome :)

I'm looking forward to the Cardboard gathering(s) this coming season with the new faces!  (Nothing wrong with us old faces either, ha.)

Re: Welcome, new posters! - martyup - 09-12-2013

I was a member of the Class of '83 (along with Elway).  SAE, Student Senator, frosh dorm boring Burbank, the one and only member of the Stanford Rodeo Team (bullrider), Stanford Wrestling Team under coach Chis Horpel.  I've been a regular on the ESPN college football discussion boards.  However, their move to Facebook only accounts has killed the conversation over there.  I look forward to some good conversation with true Stanford fans. 

I'm not a big fan of the Nazi-like verification system for each post.  I couldn't answer the question of the short name of Stanford's biggest sports rival.  I've tried "Cal", "California" and "Weenies".  Can anyone tell me where I'm wrong?

Re: Welcome, new posters! - yvonne - 09-12-2013

Welcome Martyup.

You apparently made it through the "Nazi-like" screening, which is designed to block most bots and sales types who are too lazy to look up something that basic. Congratulations on being human!

The answer to your first question was correct, which is why you're able to post. If you're seeing it on your posts, and not merely in the registration, it's probably set up to continue for your first 5-10 posts or something.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Roberton3 - 09-12-2013

(09-12-2013, 01:42 PM)martyup link Wrote:I'm not a big fan of the Nazi-like verification system for each post.

Yvonne, if the verification system is sending Jews to concentration camps, you need to turn that feature off ASAP.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - yvonne - 09-12-2013

good point. fixed.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - martyup - 09-12-2013

Wow, on my first post I used two words that were so abhorrent that they were automatically replaced with alternative text.  I'll be typing on egg shells on this board.  Are we sorry worried about that other school in the Bay area that we can't use the word "C.A.L."? (periods added to avoid the filter)  Another one is the word N.a.z.z.i. to describe a set of strict rules.  This was a viable political party in Germany that was led by a madman that ordered his subordinates to do horribly inhumane things.  But, as much as we deplore what that party did, are we so afraid of the word?  I'm wondering what will happen if I say the name of our former mascot . . . Indians. :(

Re: Welcome, new posters! - PrinceLightfoot - 09-12-2013

Relax and take in the beauty of my Timm Williams avatar. The questions you are asked to answer gave me problems as well but that will pass. The wonderment of which words will change when referencing certain schools, coaches, or mascots is something to look forward to unless you side with those who despise such jesting.

I still want to know what creates "The Eye of Sauron and his Orcs".

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Leftcoast - 09-12-2013

Welcome to the Cardboard!  We're a bit quirky but I think you'll like it here.  I think "someone" is playing with you, Marty.  The first time I read your post Na.zi made the cut. 

By the way, if you sensed a low and sympathetic growl as we read your first main board post, don't be concerned.  Many of us also were at on that infamous day in '82.  The common assumption here is that Cal sold their football future in a deal with the devil that day and they are still paying.  No Rose Bowl for the Bears until they admit the lateral went forward, that a knee touched the ground and they pay for GaryT's new trombone.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - Spiny_Norman - 09-12-2013

Welcome, martyup.  Fellow 83 here.  Otero then Toyon.  This is a great group of dedicated and informed Stanford fans.  The discussion will occasionally diverge (as might be expected from this crowd) to other topics - the Oxford comma, the Civil War, Dana Delaney's current project.  Just go with the flow. 

While most of the chat is about football, there are fans of other Stanford teams.  The Cardboard members will provide the best write ups and analyses that you will find on women's soccer and basketball.  Men's hoops - not so much these days.  Are you a fan of Johnny Dawkins?  If so, count yourself among the very few but please do speak up.  It's a pretty reasonable group.  We even have a few respected heathens (Cal and USC fans).  Godwin's Law generally does not apply on The Cardboard.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - CompSci87 - 09-12-2013

(09-12-2013, 04:15 PM)PrinceLightfoot link Wrote:I still want to know what creates "The Eye of Sauron and his Orcs".

Hope this is not too much of a spoiler, but -- nothing. That one was apparently a joke by the person who posted it.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - garvin - 09-12-2013

Maybe it was the first time, but the software is a fast learner.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - CompSci87 - 09-12-2013

(09-12-2013, 06:26 PM)garvin link Wrote:Maybe it was the first time, but the software is a fast learner.

Remember I have a window into its brain.

Re: Welcome, new posters! - GaryT - 09-12-2013

Welcome, martyup, from another '83-er. I look forward to your insights. See you next month for the 30th?