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KISS. . . And To All A Goodnight - Genuine Realist - 12-31-2020

I'd post this in the Safeway thread, but time is running out.

(1) The last 'S' in KISS not only completes the acronym, but serves as a reminder to otherwise smart people that to invite complexity is to invite error.The more complex the system, the more inevitable the error. That inevitability makes everyone Stupid, no matter how smart they are. So keep it as simple as possible, which makes everyone in the system that much smarter. 

(2) Today is December 31st. We have been distributing covid vaccines for exactly 21 days, Naturally, all problems of allocation or distribution should have been solved long ago. Come to think of it, the task might better have been entrusted  to Safeway and Costco, which have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, rather than medical clinics and health services, which don't.

(3) We have been distributing flu shots en masse for decades. I had mine a few weeks ago. Anyone remember any issues with allocation formulas or distribution methods with respect to these? Neither do I - they are manufactured in bulk and administered per techniques everyone knows. I appreciate that the covid vaccine is far more delicate - but learning curves are learning curves. We are going to be beyond any question of formula, birthday or lottery, within a few weeks. 

(4) Meanwhile, SCC hit a new high today, 2500+. The vaccine can't come soon enough. But come it will, and - though not soon enough - awfully soon.

Thanks to everyone for all the insight and information/