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WBB virtual behind the bench - acerep - 01-13-2021

Here are a few interesting tidbits gleaned from the Jan. 12 behind the bench with Tara and Katy.
1. We'll start with the best: The  three players, Hannah, Alyssa and Lexie, who missed the last game will play at Utah.
2. Along with other staff members who missed games, Kate will be back, too, giving us our full contingent of coaches.
3. No male practice players.
4. Each person has her own room, and there are only two people per elevator.
5. They all wear a sensor that  tells how long they've been around someone.
6. Ashten and Cameron are getting close to dunking.
7. Anna was singled out for her defense.

Overall, Tara is pleased with the team's progress and with its chemistry. "We're getting a lot of contributions from a lot of people," she said.

Noting that the men's and women's basketball teams are the only ones in the country with no home court, she was her 
most emphatic when said how much everyone misses Maples and the fans.

RE: WBB virtual behind the bench - martyup - 01-13-2021

I'm surprised that Brink can't already dunk.  She can nearly touch the rim standing under it.

RE: WBB virtual behind the bench - CompSci87 - 01-13-2021

Maybe she meant close to dunking in a game?

RE: WBB virtual behind the bench - 2006alum - 01-13-2021

In general, the delta between (a) being able to dunk in practice with a fully unobstructed path to the basket or when having the ball tossed for the dunk and (b) being able to dunk yourself in a game is of immense proportions in the women's game, mostly because very few women (Fran excepted) can palm a ball. And that's a of immense proportions, of immense proportions edge in keeping control and momentum of the ball from the time the player leaves the ground to the time they get to their hand to the hoop. Most women who can dunk either need a contrived runway to get just the right amount of speed and momentum to leave the ground at just the right spot, or else need a player to toss the ball up to them that they effectively bat into the hoop. I bet Brink can dunk if it's tossed up to her but can't control it if she's driving to the basket on her own. 

That is what makes Fran so special - on a live game breakaway, she can dunk it herself. And if you watch her as she approaches the basket you'll see she slows down just a half step to ensure she leaves the ground at exactly the right spot to ensure she can palm the ball through the rim. She is not actually that tall, so her ability to launch from the precise right spot, coupled with her ability to palm the ball and control it all the way to the hoop, is what sets her apart. It really is a matter of precise timing, speed, and ball control. 

And a thing of beauty.