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The Stanford Sisterhood - BostonCard - 04-06-2021

Nice piece by fivethirtyeight...

Quote:“This team to me has been a team of sisterhood. And a sisterhood — if you aren’t really a family, if you don’t really care about each other, 100 days on the road could really get old,” VanDerveer said last week. “But we’re going into our third week and … it’s great to be around these young women. And I think they really enjoy being around each other. … And so basketball then, when you’re out there, is more than just passing to somebody; you’re playing hard for each other.”

Pretty amazing that in the age of COVID-19, we wound up playing more minutes than any other division 1 team.

Also, nice sentiment by Barnes:

Quote:“I’m trying to build a program like Tara has, build a program like Geno [Auriemma at UConn] and Dawn [Staley at South Carolina], all the other trailblazers in this profession,” Barnes said after the game. “I’m not satisfied with just being here, being in the tournament; I want to build a program where you’re surprised when they don’t win. Like when you look at Tara, Geno, Dawn, it’s surprising if they don’t win a championship; it’s a disappointment.”