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Recorded TV games online - OutsiderFan - 10-14-2014

Is there a link somewhere around here that leads to games available for online viewing?  Thinking of that 1993 Colorado game makes me want to watch it if it is available on the interwebs.  Seems like it might be a good idea to post such a link somewhere so anyone can click on it without asking.  If such a link is posted on the Cardboard, I apologize for missing it, and beg someone's indulgence to point me to it.  Thanks!

Re: Recorded TV games online - washingtonismoney - 10-14-2014

The YouTube user "ClearAndPromisingSaturday" posts a lot of archived Stanford games (like the 1996 Sun Bowl: )

Unfortunately s/he hasn't uploaded anything in a while. Dunno if that person's a Cardboard reader, but consider this post a note of appreciation.

Re: Recorded TV games online - jeboody - 10-14-2014

still looking for that monster rushing game we had vs UW...2011? 2012? anyone seen it online?