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A Stanford fan within Jerryworld - needle - 10-16-2014

I did not realize Charlotte Jones Anderson, daughter of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, is a Stanford alum.

She bothers to mention her rooting interest in an essay published on some Cowboys propaganda website; she does not bother to refer to the team nickname correctly (though--Garvin, you might agree with this--it's within the realm of possibility that an overzealous editor made an unfortunate change before her words were published).

Quote: As I’ve said so many times, my passion is football and I’m one who loves the teams my family loves. We certainly share a passion for the Cowboys, and I love cheering for my alma mater, the Stanford Cardinals!  But the University of Arkansas has a special place in my heart.

Re: A Stanford fan within Jerryworld - jhftb - 10-16-2014

I wasn’t an English major but if one roots for several different Cardinal teams isn’t one rooting for Cardinals?  Or is it like tsunami?